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Mailbird is the perfect Windows email client built for maximum productivity.

Mailbird Pro for Business is one of the most popular email clients on Windows for a reason. The beautiful user experience is not only easy to use, but also provides businesses optimized productivity. Business users no longer have to keep several different applications and websites running on the desktop.  

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"Googled “best alternative for Mail app in Windows 10” and there you were! It’s easy to setup, easy to manage and we communicate a lot using WhatsApp. So that integration is gold. Was using Outlook Express and then the Mail App in which you couldn’t change any settings. Very irritating. We loved Outlook Express, but it’s old and MS gradually fases out the ability for normal or certain encrypted IMAP-connections. Mailbird does it flawlessly. The interface is not really intuitive. Very good is the WhatsApp and Facebook integration. Comes in handy on a wide screen."  

Miguel V. from Life Zero Games

"Honestly I was looking at 5 different options, as the current program I was using had become very slow when loading emails and opening / saving attachments. I downloaded all and trialed them, and Mailbird was the fastest of all of them."  

Rul C. from Inforbeta

"We’re a small manufacturers agent (10 staff, 2 offices), and along with all my other projects I’m a one man IT department. I prefer aesthetically pleasing apps that don’t flood the main UI with every function they office offer, just what the actually user needs, and I’ve been very pleased with your app. I’m able to configure everything that was necessary for our staff in your settings, but only the essentials for their use are actually ‘in their face’ when using Mailbird."  

Matthew P. from Mikipro

"Driving down cost was the most prominent driver and reason for looking at different options. Started out as search for freeware options (think Mozilla Thunderbird). That lead in to a deeper search for reasonably priced options that at the same time expanded on capabilities. Integration with GSuite and as the biggest kicker was the integration of different applications such as WhatsApp, Trello and Slack (and a lot of other 3rd party applications). (attracted to) How easy it was to setup and how easy it was to utilize and setup the 3rd Party applications. Certainly the cost/feature equation is there. You get a lot for the cost and the integration of the 3rd party apps are only making things easier. Take a look at the cost and you will find that Mailbird warrants a serious look."  

Duncan W. from Hewittsbridge

The most cost effective productivity solution for business  

Synced Accounts

Unlimited Accounts with Unified Inbox

Easily manage multiple email accounts, signatures and identities within your team, plus a unified inbox for all accounts in one.


Priority Support

The only email company that offer priority support to businesses like no other Customer Happiness Team.


All the Google Integrations for Business

The best native client support for your most important Google email features baked into a beautifully simple interface.

Contact Manager

A Business Contacts Manager That Works

Manage all your contacts from Google and Outlook with a unified experience for all important business contacts.


Productivity and Collaboration Apps

Apps like Asana, Slack, Trello, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Evernote, Dropbox, Wunderlist,, Todoist with many more to explore in improving team collaboration and productivity. 



Snooze not only keeps your team's inboxes clean but helps your team prioritize, respond and set reminders so your communication is timely and you never miss an important follow up for your business.



Never send a bad email ever again, this is a life saver for all businesses.


In-line Reply

Simply hit enter in line when responding to different points in an email, stamping and color coding your responses so they are crystal clear for all recipients. You can be sure you never miss a beat with this simple, yet time consuming and efficient communication hack for your business.

Speed Reader

Speed Reader

Wouldn't it be perfect if you could cut the time you spend on reading emails everyday? This business feature saves not only your team time, but also improves effectiveness of where your team spends their time.


Video Conferencing and Remote Meetings

Video conferencing improves time and cost, while optimizing meeting attendance, productivity and structure. That's why you have the best apps for this in Mailbird with Appear.In and Veeting Rooms. Everything for your team in one place.

Attachment Search

Attachment Search

Sharing files, images and attachments are a critical part of business communication. With Mailbird's Attachment Search, you can feel assured that you'll always be able to find any important attachments with ease.


Unlimited Cloud Storage

Store large files and attachments with the most robust, secure file storage and sharing apps using Degoo and Dropbox integrations in Mailbird.

Business Essentials 

With Mailbird Business Essentials, teams enjoy the sharp performance and beautiful experience of Mailbird without all the frills. Mailbird Business Essentials provides a seamless native email experience for all IMAP, POP3 or Exchange email accounts. Businesses are in full control of ensuring their team uses the best application for email communication. It’s simply email for business that just works, nothing more, nothing less.

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