Mailbird for Business 

Millions of accounts already managed from Mailbird

Mailbird is the perfect Windows email client built for maximum productivity.

Mailbird for Business is one of the most popular email clients on Windows for a reason. The beautiful user experience is not only easy to use, but also provides businesses optimized productivity. Business users no longer have to keep several different applications and websites running on the desktop.  

“Ideal for businesses” 

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Mailbird listed by PCWorld as one of the best free stuff for the Productive Business Person 

Amazing productivity features for business  

Synced Accounts

Unlimited Accounts with Unified Inbox

Setup an unlimited number of email accounts, signatures and identities with a unified inbox plus.


Priority Support

Get priority support with our amazing Customer Happiness Team.


GoogleDocs, Hangouts & Calendar Integration

Access all of your most important G-Suite features from one simple interface.

Contact Manager

Unified Contact Sync Manager

Manage and sync contacts from your Google and/or Outlook accounts including Google Apps and Office365.


Productivity apps integrations

Productivity Apps like Asana, Wunderlist,, Todoist and many others.  



Prioritize, respond and set follow ups so your communication is timely and you don't have to remember to followup.



No matter what accounts you use, you can now quickly prevent any email from sending up to 30 seconds after clicking “send”.


In-line Reply

No more confusion. automatically inserts a color-coded “Your Name:” right in front of all the inline replies you make.

Speed Reader

Speed Reader

Allows you to zip through your emails in half the time it normally takes.


Video and conferences

Video calling and conference app integrations like Appear.In and Veeting Rooms.

Attachment Search

Attachment Search

Find even year old attachments with our powerful attachment search feature.


Dropbox Integration

Easily add attachments to your email direct from your dropbox account. 

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